ACS bloom in Mauritius

The ‘Mauritius Trochetia’ is a flowering shrub native to the island and also one of the Mauritius Shipping Corporation vessels that services ports in the region.

Allport Cargo Services have been appointed by the Mauritius Shipping Corporation as their freight sales & marketing agent for container traffic between Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion and other ports in the SW Indian ocean.

For Madagascan exporters, particularly garment suppliers, access to Mauritius opens the door to global sea/air services that are much more cost-effective and can reach any destination, typically within a week.

The ‘Mauritius Pride’ and ‘Mauritius Trochetia’ are >100m vessels that carriy 400 passengers and 750 containers on these important trade routes.

Already the largest air freight shipper and one of the largest sea freight forwarders on the island, this agency appointment adds to ACS Mauritius recent achievements and opens a new chapter in their development; as a sea freight sales agent (not a florist!)