6th supply chain win for Cargo Services

Established in 1900, Myer is Australia’s largest department store group, with 68 stores across the country, generating total sales of $3.1 billion in 2012.

Myer’s stores, on-line, digital and mobile platforms carry the widest range of products – more than 600,000 lines – from 1,200 suppliers, which together form a complex and demanding supply chain.

Myer recognise the performance of key suppliers at their annual supplier of the year gala.

For an unprecedented sixth year in succession the supply chain supplier award went to our colleagues at Cargo Services for their dedication and commitment to consistently delivering supply chain excellence.

The award citation. “CargoServices has won this award for the last 5 years, and has again achieved the highest scores in DC support, partnership and delivery performance.

They work constantly to find ways of further improving lead time and service, as well as driving down the costs at every touch point throughout the International Supply Chain.

The continued drive to improve service and costs has been rewarded with the contract to establish and manage the order fulfillment warehouse to support Myer stores with online order processing. “

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